The IBS Freedom Method

Course modules

    1. Introducing Your IBS Freedom Method

    2. How To Use This Course & Get Results

    1. Undoing The Mental Trauma Of IBS

    2. Foods That Harm vs Foods That Heal

    3. What Does IBS Freedom Look Like For You, Personally?

    4. Reinforcing Your Positive 'IBS Free' Mindset

    5. IBS Has Affected Your Mental Health, Let's Reverse That...

    6. Remember The 7 P's - Kitchen Prep

    7. 'Done For You' Shopping List

    1. How To Detox Your Gut Without Fasting

    2. Your Core IBS Free Meal Plan

    3. Why Batch Cooking Will Save Your Life!

    4. How To Safely Store Your Meals

    5. Join Our Community & Hold Yourself Accountable At The Same Time!

    1. Eat Your Way To IBS Freedom!

    2. Why Is Water So Crucial For IBS Freedom?

    3. How To Easily Tell If You Are Dehydrated

    4. Yummy IBS Free Treats For You To Include This Week

    1. The Importance Of Your Gut Microbiome For Symptom Reduction

    2. How To Easily Reduce Sugar Cravings

    3. Yay! More IBS Free Recipes For You To Enjoy

    1. The PH System & Why This Has Been Working Against You

    2. What Are Inflammatory Foods?

    3. OMG Yes! This Week We Have More IBS Free Recipes For You

About this course

  • £597.00
  • 59 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • Learn how to trust your gut and rebuild your immune system
  • Build food confidence and fall in love with food again
  • Fully and compassionately supported throughout

Reduce IBS Symptoms Fast

The IBS Freedom Method is the fastest, safest and most natural way to rid yourself of IBS symptoms. Pay in full or choose our monthly payment plan.